Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 1 grueling but successful

We made it. It took 21.5 miles and nine hours, but we made it.

The first leg of our kayak adventure is in the books, and we’re relieved that we were able to get what will probably be the toughest portion of our journey out of the way.

The launch at the mouth of San Carpoforo Creek, just north of Ragged Point, went pretty smooth considering the waves were in the 4-foot range.

Joe was the first one out, finding a seam between sets and getting out without much of a problem.

Beau and I took two of the biggest waves on the head but somehow managed to break through the set and stay on our kayaks.

We spent the next 10 minutes readjusting and bailing water out of our kayaks, talking about how lucky we were that we brought our wetsuits. We battled the fog in the morning and a grueling windswell over that latter half of the trip, the last five miles of which being the toughest conditions we’ve faced.

When we finally saw San Simeon Creek, which leads to the campground at San Simeon State Park, we were thrilled because I’m not sure we could’ve paddled much more.

Right now we’re pretty slammed, so I’m putting a period on this blog entry. Tomorrow will surely be another adventure.


Anonymous said...

You're not gonna make it.

chrissy said...

Yes you will! You'll totally make it!

Mike Baird said...

Visit our Morro Bay kayak resource and associated Yahoo! group

Anonymous said...

Hey, Beau and friends I know you can do it!!! Just remember to stay safe....

Love, Auntie

kaitlyn burke said...

so exciting! good luck and try not to get hurt :)