Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Welcome to Morro Bay

Our rest day turned out to be quite an adventure.

Today was supposed to be an easy, five-mile paddle from Morro Strand State Beach to Morro Bay State Park, but that pesky swell at “A-Beach” provided another challenge this morning.

The same beach break that wreaked havoc on our kayaks and camping gear the night before took some more gear from Beau this morning. After getting dumped a couple of times, Beau managed to scramble back on his Cobra Tourer and paddle outside.

I’m not quite sure how we did it, but Joe and I managed to avoid any major wipeouts on this day.

Once we bailed the water out of our kayaks, we paddled to Morro Rock and took a much-needed break at the harbor where we greeted the "Welcome to Morro Bay" with smiles and cheers. From there we picked up another paddle from Kayak Horizons (Joe snapped his on our surf landing a day earlier) and set up camp at Morro Bay State Park.

So far, we’ve paddled about 50 miles in three days and are halfway home to our final destination at the Guadalupe Dunes. If our next two days go as planned, we might combine the final two legs of the trip to avoid any additional surf landings/launches.

The beach breaks have not been too kind to us so far.

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calpolycutie3 said...

Good job guys! You are more than halfway there. I can't wait to read about the rest of your adventure!