Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some last-minute preparations

Only six hours until we launch!

I was too excited to sleep, so I was going over some last-minute advice I received from my fellow kayakers. I thought I would share some of their e-mails for any readers who plan on ocean kayaking in the future:

“My first thought is that you chose the right time of year to do this. Late summer has the calmest swell and wind of the year according to the climactic summaries on the NOAA buoy pages. ... I've paddled and remember fondly the coastline of San Luis Obispo County. ... South of Montana De Oro the coastline is stunningly beautiful with little coves, arches and caves that connect one cove to another around Point Buchon.”
Mike Higgins,

“In regard to gear, if you are paddling sit on tops, then your gear list shouldn’t be too exhaustive. I realize that the water may be pretty cold, but given good conditions, you won't need much protection from the water elements. You will need to concern yourself first and foremost with the sun, so some short of loose fitting, high SPF shirt will allow you to be comfortable in the heat and protected from the sun. As far as pants are concerned, you could think of a lightweight (.5 or 1 mil) neoprene pant, that will protect you from the sun and the cold water …”
Roger Loughney,
LVM/Kayak Journal

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