Monday, July 30, 2007

Surf's up at Morro Strand

Today’s blog entry will be another brief one thanks to a crash landing at Morro Strand State Beach. Too many repairs and not enough daylight.

The second day of our trip was a surprisingly fun 22-mile trek from San Simeon State Park.

The wind was calm. The swells were at our back. We even had time to squeeze in some fishing and were joined along the way by Steve Hennigh, the owner of Good Clean Fun in Cayucos. He showed us some hot spots to kayak, surf and fish.

It took us about three and a half hours to reach our final destination at Morro Strand, one of our favorite surf spots. Well, surf was up today.

Joe was the first one to go down, blindsided by an outside wave as we were strapping down our gear and preparing for a surf landing.

Joe got slammed so hard it broke his paddle in half and knocked a bunch of gear off his kayak. He saved most of the gear but some camera equipment was damaged in the process.

Beau and I also ran into trouble during our attempts at a surf landing. Beau lost some gear and I lost a fishing rod holder, which left a four-inch hole in the top of the kayak. That’s what we’re attempting to repair right now.

Tomorrow we do it all over again.


buck said...

Hope you didn't lose all of your camera gear. I've been waiting to see some shots of the north coastline from a sea kayakers point of view.

Anonymous said...

That photo of the seals is a prize winner. It'd be great to know more about how you encountered them.

Anonymous said...
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